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Our organization targets low-income families and families struggling with health and wellness issues by providing affordable resources and services that can improve the quality of life for these families. There is a significant need for such services, as many families today are facing financial, health, and social challenges that affect their overall well-being.

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What We DO

Product/Service Line: We travel to provide retreat experiences for families which includes nutritious drinks and meals, education regarding ways to bring the body back to a space of homeostasis through deep breathing, stretching, mindfulness, and massages. In addition, we provide virtual and in-person group services for men, women and youth who are struggling with social- emotional issues, health, or wellness issues. We will bring in professionals in the field of counseling, therapy, nutrition, health and wellness fields, and neuromuscular therapists to teach the children and families. These professionals can volunteer their services or can be paid for services. The services will be offered based on the need and being able to solidify at least 5 active
Our organization provides a wide range of resources and services that include:
1. Health resources: We provide access to health and nutrition education, as well as referrals to mental health resources. We also provide access to nutritious fruit and vegetable juices.
2. Programs: We provide funding donations to students and families who successfully complete personal
development workshops regarding health, wellness, and access to information that will allow families to improve their quality of life.
3. Field trips/retreats: We organize field trips and retreats for youth ages 5-18 and their parents to provide them with opportunities to learn new skills, engage in outdoor activities, and build positive relationships. The field trips and retreats are designed to expand the mind of the children and parent; expose them to healthy living styles, and engage in social-emotional learning. The field trips will be, but is not limited to; different businesses, recreational activities, seminars, workshops, entertainment events. The retreats will be themed and there will be some retreats offered for mothers only fathers only or solely for the children. Some retreats will be offered for both the parents and children.


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