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10 Ways to Start Loving Yourself the Way You Deserve to Be Loved

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Sometimes we give away so much love, support, and appreciation to others, but forget to give it to ourselves. Giving so much to others and not filling ourselves up with the same type of love, can lead to depletion. Here are 10 easy steps to start loving you the way you deserve to be loved.

1. Look in the mirror at lease once a day. Stare intensively into your eyes and tell yourself that you are loved, you are appreciated, you are soooo special, and you deserve nothing but the best out of life.

2. Do something nice for yourself daily. Whether it is taking 5 minutes or more to walk, read something inspirational, write something inspirational, practice deep breathing, or exercising..

3. Take time to be alone to think about what you are grateful for and visualize the great things to come in your future.

4. Write down the things you love about yourself at least once a week.

5. Practice healthy habits. Incorporate eating healthy during the week and drink a lot of water.

6. Write down at least three things that you have accomplished.

7. Do the things you love! Go to a play, go out and dance, go to the beach, spend time in nature.

8. Make conscience efforts to think about something that makes you happy and smile.

9. Take time to stretch everyday to loosen up your body and get the blood flowing!

10. Tell yourself daily that you are love and you radiate love :)

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