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How Traveling Has Deepened My Connection to Self

While I had traveled to various places throughout the US; I didn't have much experience traveling out of the country. My first life changing trip was actually to Tulum, Mexico. It was as if I had this spiritual awakening occur that caused me to want to make some major changes in my life. I stayed in Tulum for 7 days as apart of a women's retreat and the combination of activities and experiences were amazing. We did yoga off the beach, participated in a Temazcal which is like a spiritual sweat bath in a hut. The idea is to thank the powers that be and to release what no longer serves you. Once you can no longer bear the heat, you go outside into the cool night air, lay one with the earth and just relax. It was such an incredibly spiritual and detoxifying experience. In addition, we provided toiletries and school supplies to one of the villages, visited the Myan Ruins, swam freely in the ocean, had an extravagant dinner in the pool, and that was a moment I felt that I could just be and really flow with the beauty of life.

The next amazing trip was Nigril Jamaica. I fell in love with the kind spirited, animated, and jovial nature of the people. Not to mention, the scenic views. In Jamaica, I felt a different type of freedom. I felt very adventurous. It was here that I zip-lined, did a boat excursion in which I had the opportunity to steer the boat, went snorkeling, and jumped off a clip into the ocean. I even busted my eye when I hit the water, but it was just a slight cut under my eye and it was well worth it. While Tulum brought out the more peaceful, reflective side of me, the Jamaica trip showed me how adventurous, courageous, and b old I could be!

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