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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This past weekend, a really close friend and I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles for a staycation. Though we stayed for one day, it was noting short of spectacular. I will tell you this, if you live in Southern California and you don’t want to go far, but you want a nice getaway, please check out this 4.5 star hotel. Pictures don’t even give it justice. You just have to experience it to understand. It’s full of futuristic vibes, abstract art, modern decor, and spectacular restaurants with seating directly by windows overlooking not just DTLA, but also Santa Monica, Hollywood, the beautiful ocean, and so much more. Not to mention the sky lobby is on the 70th floor, and it has the tallest rooftop bar in the western hemisphere called Spire 73! The rooftop bar is a sophisticated vibe all by itself. It’s perfect for a date night, or a relaxing hangout night with friends. Fireplaces are conveniently implanted at every seating space in the middle of the venue, the DJ station is right past the bar, and there are intimate seating areas overlooking the city. The best part is there is free access to the Spire 73 if you have a room at the hotel!

Now lets get into my amazing experience. We originally paid for a junior King suite with a nice view of the city, however when I arrived, the room was not available. After waiting 10 minutes, I spoke to the manager and explained my frustration with the wait. Check-in was at 4pm and we arrived at 6pm, so I didn’t understand why our room was not ready? She explained that on that particular day, something happened to where it caused a few other customers to have to wait for a room. Since I had previously signed up as a hotel rewards member and due to the inconvenience, we were upgraded to an executive suite on the 63nd floor and given a credit of $150, in addition to my $20 credit that came with my package. When I tell you that the wait was well worth it, it was beyond worth the inconvenience.

We actually went down a few floors to our room on the 62d floor, and walked into a spacious executive suite with a nice king-sized bed, facing floor to ceiling glass windows that wrapped around the room. The view was absolutely breathtaking at night and during the day! I couldn’t believe this was my home for the night! We later ate at the buffet restaurant called Dekkadance on the 69th floor. This restaurant had a huge variety of delicious meats, seafood, and sides. The absolute best part was the seating right next to the windows overlooking the beautiful architecture of downtown LA. Great service, a beautiful view, delicious food, and good company, what more can you ask for? Well, maybe a rooftop experience? After dinner, we headed up to the 73rd floor to go to the tallest rooftop in the US, Spire 73. We ordered drinks, relaxed on one of the couches by one of the fireplace, then enjoyed the music and rooftop vibes. It was a great way to end the night.

The next morning, we woke up to the sun shinning brightly into our room because we left the curtains open as we fell asleep the night before. For breakfast, we went back to Dekkandance and enjoyed our meal while sitting at a table facing the beautiful view of the city. After breakfast, we went down to the outdoor pool and jacuzzi area located on the 7th floor. This was such an amazing experience. Imagine sitting outside in a jacuzzi surrounded by beautiful tall buildings. You almost feel like you’re in a whole different place! It is one of the most relaxing and visually stimulating experiences ever! After the jaccuzi, we enjoyed the room a little bit more, wrote out our goals for 2020 while enjoying the amazing view, and then got ready for checkout. Our overall staycation at the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown LA was a 5 star experience and it is highly recommended! I can’t wait to visit intercontinental hotels all over the world!

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