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What About Your Friends?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

During this (QT) quarantine time, many people are feeling mixed emotions of uncertainty, isolation, and just trying to adjust to the new normal. From my experience, I am seeing people are really taking time to get to know themselves and working on their relationship with God. I personally am going through a transition where I am really trying to figure out myself, and become more spiritually connected. At times, I find myself growing disconnected from some of my friends, while I am growing closer to others. I also find myself missing the physical presence of my friends. I miss having the freedom to meet up and go out on the town. This is something I feel I took for granted.

These days, I find myself putting forth more effort in keeping in contact with friends and of course family. I think it's important to to schedule zoom meetings, workouts, and social virtual meetings with your friends, but to also make sure you are serving as accountability partners to help each other with your overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I also think it's important to connect with friends who you can share your short term and long term goals with. Friends that you can use your imagination with and tell them your vision for your future. We are all transitioning during this particular period in time and I think it's important that we are being real friends to one another.

Many of us have been forced to sit down and strip down to our true authentic selves. We need true friends to help us get through this and who will support our overall well-being. I think this time will really test a lot of relationships and friendships, but it's all for the greater good. Take time to evaluate who is essential and not essential in your life and do the things necessary to support one another during the (QT). No more fake friendships. It's time to be real to each other, so we can heal each other. Ask yourself, "what about my friends?"

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