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When You Take Time to Sit With Yourself

When you take the time to sit with yourself, you have the space to process what is taking place in your life or what has taken place. Many people struggle with taking the time to sit with their thoughts and this is sometimes due to unhealed wounds, too many uncontrolled thoughts, and a struggle to allow yourself to just be. It is very important to monitor your thoughts and have checks and balances so that you're not allowing yourself to be the victim. When you are alone with your thoughts, sometimes you can better understand the lessons from past situations. You also have the ability to reminisce on a special moment and be grateful for that time in space. In addition, you can process what didn't work out well and decide on healthy strategies to move forward. Take time daily to sit and really be with yourself. Be your own best friend and hear yourself out. Write it out if necessary. Siting with yourself will give you a deeper connection with who you truly are, the ability to heal, and it will provide you with insight on where to go from here.

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